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Malcolm B. Yarnell III was born in upstate New York and grew up in numerous North and Central American subcultures. Upon graduating from college with a Bachelor of Science in Finance, he was a Banker and a Chief Financial Officer for a Real Estate and Investment group. He was then called as a Southern Baptist minister and held church pastorates in Texas, Louisiana, and North Carolina. After receiving advanced degrees from Southwestern Seminary (MDivBL), Duke University (ThM), and the University of Oxford (DPhil), he has served as a faculty member and administrator at both Southwestern Seminary in Texas and at Midwestern Seminary in Missouri. 

Yarnell has authored both academic and popular books. His latest academic books are a treatise on philosophical theology, John Locke's 'Letters of Gold' (Oxford, 2017), and a co-authored historical theology, The Fourth Strand of the Reformation (Oxford, 2018). His most widely reviewed volumes include a biblical theology, God the Trinity (B&H Academic, 2016); a theological method, The Formation of Christian Doctrine (B&H Academic, 2007); and an historical monograph, Royal Priesthood in the English Reformation (Oxford University Press, 2014).

Yarnell has contributed some 125 essays to academic journals and books published in America, England, France, Romania, and Nigeria, as well as in more popular venues. He was the longest-serving editor of the century-old Southwestern Journal of Theology and edited or co-edited four additional academic books. His next three monographs include popular treatments of the Holy Spirit and the Trinity alongside a substantive work on the doctrine of Scripture co-authored with David S. Dockery, the latter of which will serve as the third volume in a projected 7-volume Systematic Theology.

While traveling to lecture in universities worldwide (including in recent years, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Kenya, Russia, Scotland, and the Ukraine), Yarnell is a member of research institutes and editorial boards in Fort Worth, Nashville, New Orleans, Oxford, and Bonn. As an ecumenical Baptist theologian, he participated for ten years in the Evangelical-Catholic Theological Conversations in St. Paul, Minnesota, for two years as a leading member of the Baptist World Alliance-Anglican Communion Theological Conversations, and for five years as a trustee for the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Wroclaw, Poland.

Malcolm resides with his family in Fort Worth, where he is Research Professor of Systematic Theology. His personal passion is to lead a Sunday Men's Study at Birchman Baptist Church, where he engages in the Theological Interpretation of Scripture. He preaches the gospel regularly in churches and conferences, and has recently led conferences in the Cayman Islands, England, France, and Germany.

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